Face & Palm Horoscope Reading

Face & Palm Horoscope Reading

Face & Palm Horoscope Reading

Face reading reveals any major variation in our thinking patterns or any actions that overwhelms our psyche that becomes visible through our facial and physical features.
For example, things like depression, rage of anger or emotion, killing someone or looking someone being killed, death of someone close to us, extreme guilt and resentment, or even winning a big amount in the lottery can trigger a change in the shape and appearance of a body feature over a period.
With years of experience in the field, Pandit H.D Sharma (Bhattar) reads a face as he reads a book. Being a keen student of this science, he observers and analyses his clients from the moment they walk into a consulting session.

Palmistry is not a technique of fortune telling. The real meaning of palmistry is meant for counselling and personality inventory. One’s social attitude, emotional tendencies, conscious awareness, subconscious blockages, strength and fear can be judged in detail through this profound system with the proper analysis of lines and markings on hand. But now a day, it is also used by the astrologers to calculate or to predict the future of a person; it is a perfect technique especially for a personality assessment.
As per the best Palmist, Pandit H.D Sharma (Bhattar), both the hands need to be read for best predictions. While reading, active hand is read by the predictor in comparison with inactive hand.

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Pandit H.D Sharma (Bhattar) is renowned astrologer who has knowledge about the impact of the planets on our life. He has successfully completed his studies in astrology, and he is one of among those who have done mastery in astrology.

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